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Welcome to the WaterGuard Group...
... a group with diverse interests in manufacturing, mining, mineral processing and creation of world class medias for water conditioning and purification.
Based on our primary business activities, we are a manufacturing / consulting firm with multinational presence. Within only a short time of foraying into manufacturing, mainly Scale Control Medias and having created associations with mining and processing organizations, WaterGuard has earned tremendous respect and goodwill, domestically as well as internationally. Today, our clients range from The Americas, Western Europe and Canada to Asia. WaterGuard, along with its associated group of companies owns and operates manufacturing facilities as well as mineral mining and processing facilities.
At WaterGuard, we have a vision. A vision to provide all our clients with assured and affordable raw material. A vision to be the backbone of the Salt free Scale Control, Manganese and minerals industry. We welcome you to come share this vision.
Browse through our detailed product specifications in the products section, as well as our mining and manufacturing facilities in the infrastructure section. Please feel free to contact any of our offices listed in the Contact Us section for enquiries or further information.

We supply millions of pounds of media to industry leaders every year that specialize in systems used to treat potable water including Salt Free Scale Control, Filtration and Water Purification.
Our medias have broad geographical reach and are distributed extensively in Asia, Central / South America, and Europe through our long established partners.
We have strong relationships for exclusivity worldwide, and our approach is to seek the best partners to manufacture and / or distribute our products or technologies responsibly.
Our vision is to produce and market the highest quality of materials in the most environmental processes possible … please join us in our endeavors